Temple Themes in the Scriptures

Creation, Fall, and the Story of Adam and Eve
In God’s Image and Likeness 1

Reader Comments

Peter Wöllauer, Ph.D., of Bavaria, Germany, a founding member of Deutsche FAIR and a specialist on topics relating to the epistemology of science and religion:

I am very delighted with the book. I could hardly stop browsing it. I think it should be present in every university library because it brings together so many ideas and concepts, creating interconnections that are plausible, but never thought of before.

Chris S. Miasnik, of Bluffdale, Utah:

WOW! is what you will say. Beautifully published with full color plates and extensive references, even more stunning is the author’s clear portrayal of the Creation, the Fall, and Adam and Eve’s lives and those of their children striving to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. This comprehensive volume may become one of the most important books in your LDS library.

P. Belfiglio, excerpt from Amazon.com (link):

I just received my copy a few days ago. To be sure, it’s not what I expected at the outset. What was I expecting? Certainly not a book that requires a fork-lift in order to bring it into the house. And then when you open the box you discover that it doesn’t have one ribbon book mark, or two, but rather THREE interspersed throughout the book. Then there is the quality of the paper. I don’t think I’ll be highlighting and scribbling notes in this puppy (er… full-grown mastiff); it just seems too good a quality and ‘pretty’ to do that. The binding and feel sans the dust jacket is exquisite to handle (I take the dust jacket off when I am reading it). All-in-all, I just became excited with the potential this book seems to offer and felt that I had too tell someone about it, hence this review.

Okay, this is definitely a five star rating for the physical product, but what about the content? I have just read every word of the first thirty or so pages and have thus far decided that this very well could become a principal ‘course of study’ for quite some time. My impression at this point is that Dr. Bradshaw is not going to come across like the all too typical breed of many half-baked Mormon apologists trying to convince you with a type of logic that 2 plus 2 equals 22 so the LDS (Mormon – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) church is God’s one and only true religion. From what I have read so far his postulations appear to be tenable and well within the province of reasonableness. He has great style without coming across as being too flamboyant or pedantic with his word choice and phraseology, but just enough to keep my ‘educational experience’ at a higher level (which in my case is not all that difficult!). He quotes numerous others (both Mormon and non-Mormon) within the main body of the text as well as in the endnotes, but not with pithy little snippets, but rather with enough substance to give you a more complete picture and grasp of these commentaries. All I can say about this aspect of the book is that it is *very* extensive and extremely well referenced. And there are a goodly number of beautifully photographed color plates and other b&w illustrations.

Cherrie Clark, of Navarre, Florida:

Loving your commentary, even the parts I didn’t think I would, confessing I have been one of those Gillum warns about, “having extreme attitude,” often limiting myself to LDS scholars and prophets (which you do a wonderful job quoting). Since receiving this book, I have been jumping around and at awe with what you have done: the extensive research, Excurses, comprehensive Endnotes especially helpful, Illustrations most educational and inspiring for an art-history illiterate. Your book is like experiencing libraries and museums all over the world!

Warren J. Hess:

I don’t normally take the time to write reviews on items that I have purchased, but this is an incredible compilation that I find amazing to have been put together in just 3 years of study. The cover and pages are a lush beginning that the content more than measures up to. This is a real find for those interested in learning more about the Book of Moses and the concepts that are taught there. I have never seen a book of this quality for such a bargain price. I will be referencing this book for years to come.

Stephanie A. Quinn:

I am only on page 100 of this book and it is marvelous. Not since Hugh Nibley have I enjoyed a book so much, thank you!

Matthew, a reader at goodreads.com:

This book is an enormous undertaking, but it is so completely worth it. Bradshaw pulled out all the stops and essentially explored every possible point of interest in the Book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price. He pulls information in from so many disparate places, but ties them together incredibly well. I felt smarter just looking at the book it’s so huge and beautifully made, with tons of full-color pictures, notes galore, verse by verse commentary, and more than 50 excursuses (basically separate essays exploring in greater detail ideas that pop up in the main text). And what do you know, I felt smarter after reading it too. It’s probably not for the faint of heart, but it was definitely a great read.

Viliami, a reader at goodreads.com:

I still pick through this all the time. Bradshaw may stretch to reach a preformed opionion at times but on the whole he’s balanced. This really should have gotten a lot more circulation.

Michael, a reader at goodreads.com:

A phenomenally beautiful book, full of rich insights, beautiful artwork and worth every penny, even if it were sold by the pound.