Temple Themes in the Scriptures

The First Days and the Last Days: A Verse-By-Verse Commentary on the Book of Moses and JS—Matthew in Light of the Temple (Fall 2021)

About the book

Available Fall 2021 - just in time for the Come Follow Me 2022 Old Testament Curriculum

Like a perfectly formed pair of bookends, the Book of Moses and Joseph Smith’s inspired translation of Matthew 24 (JS—Matthew) bracket within their pages the essential survival guide for our times. In the first days, Adam and Eve looked forward to Christ’s coming; in the last days, we look backward to Christ’s mortal life and forward to his return in glory. In the beginning, Enoch learned the principles and ordinances that would allow his people to dwell in God’s bosom; in the end, we treasure the same ordinances that will allow us to stand in the holy place with perfect assurance.

This comprehensive phrase-by-phrase commentary on the Book of Moses and JS_Matthew is the result of decades of research. In its pages you will find both practical everyday wisdom and the answers to life’s most important questions. You will also see as never before how the doctrines and ordinances of the temple are deeply woven into the fabric of these accounts, providing a testimony of their authenticity and antiquity. Beautiful illustrations coupled with detailed explanations further illuminate the text.